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Welcome To Gulf Tire Distributors

Gulf Tire Distributors was started in 2009 in Houston as a wholesale tire distributor with main focus on the local independent tire dealers. With a mission of providing value passenger and high performance tires only.

In the last 8 seven years we have expanded to 6 locations in 4 different states (3 in Texas, 1 in Georgia, 1 in North Carolina and 1 Louisiana) with plans to reach 10 locations by 2025.

We have expanded our product line to include the complete book of tires from Bias trailer tires, ST Tires, LT tires, PCR, UHP, MT and TBR tires. Also we have added a new Replica Wheel division (OEM REPLICAS) to the company. We pride ourselves as being the best value (service, quality and price) tire distributor in our markets.

The following are the exclusive brands that we distribute:

ACCELERA - This is a quality tire made in Indonesia with a product line from 13” to 22” with a special emphasis on 18, 19 and 20 inch stagger fitments.

WATERFALL - A quality Turkish product that has complete line including PCR, SUV, UHP AND LT tires. 

ARROYO - A complete high quality line of tires made in Thailand .

CROSSWIND -  A complete high quality line of tires made in Thailand

In addition to the exclusive brands, we also carry the following lines:

ST Trailer Tires – Cargo Max and Trailer King

PCR – Solar, JK, Tornel, and Goodyear

SUV – JK, Mileking, and Goodyear

LT –  Wild Trail Commercial, Goodyear

UHP - Saffiro, Sunny, Achilles

M/T – Greentrac, Mileking


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